The How To Guide to Find the Perfect Erotica Niche on Amazon


For a lot of people, erotica might sound like the same old generic things. A man falls in love with a woman and they both end up having sex. Of course, this is a common theme in erotica, but it can be broken down into so much more. Just like different genres, certain tendencies in erotica attract readers and appeal to a much more specific type of audience. We want to write about a fantasy that we enjoy, and at the same time, we want something that can be lucrative and profitable.

Having been in the business for almost a year now, I have noticed certain trends within erotica. Niches come and go, as do all trends. For instance, billionaire alpha male is still extremely popular but isn’t as popular as before. Similarly, before Game of Thrones came out, PI wasn’t nearly as trending as it is now. The infamous Fifty Shades of Grey is a bondage and submission that exploded into the scenes not too long ago. What came next was a plethora of authors trying to make a name in the BDSM niche.

The point of me explaining this is that even though you found an undiscovered gold mine of a niche, there may come a time when it dies out. After all, you’d get bored of watching the same porn all the time, wouldn’t you?

To find the best niches, you’re going to have to look at what’s trending. Usually, to do this, I go on Amazon and look up the top 100 best selling erotica. You have to understand that the people listed here often do this for a living, so they know the business very well. If you see a bunch of shapeshifting erotica within the top 100, maybe you should try your hand in writing your own.

One advice I’ll give you is that you should really enjoy what you write. If transgender erotica is popular but you don’t enjoy writing about it, I would not recommend that niche unless you think you’ll learn to love it.

That being said, there have been a couple of authors who I have spoken to tell me that they will write whatever filth is popular. It doesn’t matter if they are disgusted or repulsed by abdl, they will still write it if it makes them money.

What are some popular niches that you enjoy reading or writing about? Let me know down in the comments!

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