Why You Should Publish Your Erotica on Amazon’s Kindle Store – PROS AND CONS


Think you’re ready to take it to the next level from Fan Fiction and Literotica?

If you’re confident in your writing and have gotten good reviews from some of your work, I really recommend that you try selling your erotica for profit. Believe me when I say that the bar is low for potential buyers and readers. There are a lot of people who are only interested in a quick fix and wouldn’t hesitate to spill out their hard-earned money for a moment of satisfaction.

Pros of Using Amazon KDP:


Massive Readerbase:

Now the question arises as to where you should sell your erotica. Right off the bat, you should be publishing on Amazon’s Kindle Store. They are a reputable company that dominates the ebook market. There are many authors who have made a living selling their work here which is proof of how lucrative this market is. They also have a huge worldwide presence so not only will you be selling on the US store, you’ll also be selling in the UK, Canada, German, Japanese, etc. market.


KDP Select:

Also, they have a program called KDP Select where they will pay you for every reader (who has a monthly subscription) money based on the number of pages read. At the time of this writing, the amount of money they pay per page is about $0.0045. That may not sound like much but I can assure you that it adds up. Over 50% of my revenue comes from this program. If even one person reads 100 pages of your erotica, you’ll make about 45 cents.


Get Paid:

Not only do you get a much wider audience, you also have a trustworthy company that always pay out on time. They only take a 30% cut out of your profits if you price your book at $2.99 or higher (USD).


Cons of Using Amazon KDP:


They don’t like things that are too hardcore:

And what I mean by that is no beastality, no non-consensual, no incest, etc. There are many authors who try to game the system and find ways to publish these genres onto the store, but I do not recommend it. Amazon is infamous for banning authors permanently without any warnings. I recently read an article about a Kindle writer who made his living there, suddenly get banned permanently due to publishing “low-quality” material.

According to him, he paid a professional translator to translate his books into Arabic. Then someone apparently reported his book as being plain gibberish.

Maybe that example isn’t very relevant, but believe me when I say that they will ban you if you try to cheat them. And according to what I’ve read, Amazon won’t bother to pay out your royalties too.


They take TWO months to pay you:

Yes, that’s right. Two months for your paycheck, assuming you reach the minimum threshold of $100. You will be required to wait two months at the end of the payment period before you get your first payment. That might not sound too bad if you’re consistently making money from them on a monthly basis, but you better have a side job if you don’t want to starve before then.


It takes about 6-12 hours for your book to go live:

This isn’t much of a con but it takes a while before your book goes live. They have workers who manually check out your book to make sure there isn’t anything against their TOS. During that time, they can either BLOCK or accept your book. If they do block you, it’s pretty annoying that you had to wait for so long, only to re-edit and wait again.

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