Most Popular Erotica Niches of 2018 on Amazon


It’s hard to tell what’s the best niche for erotica. Everyone has their own personal taste, so no one can ever agree on the same genre. However, there are some niches that I have noticed that are much more profitable than others. If you choose to write a bad niche, odds are there won’t be many readers or buyers.

I’m basing the following popular niches based on my experience with selling them, along with the list of the top 100 selling Amazon erotica books.


Ever since Fifty Shades of Grey emerged as mainstream, this niche has exploded with a number of amateur writers hoping to replicate the same success as E.L. James.

But this niche has been around way longer than that. It has always been popular and I don’t see it going down anytime soon.

2. Billionaires

The plot is fairly simple. Some poor woman comes across a rich man who takes advantage of her body by using his money. Sometimes the endings are pretty messed up, sometimes they end up falling in love. In my opinion, this niche seems to be dying as of late.

3. Alpha Males

Every girl wants a big, strong man to hold them in their arms, right? This is one of my favorite niches that I write about. If you’re starting out, I recommend trying out the alpha male niche. From what I’ve seen, this niche is still extremely popular and won’t be going away anytime soon.

4. Ageplay/ABDL

This category has been around since forever but a lot of people are turned off by its concept. Basically, you’re writing about an older man or woman dating a much younger person of the opposite sex. I really enjoy writing this genre, as I have the most fun here.

For those who are wondering what ABDL is, it stands for ADULT BABY / DIAPER LOVER. Yes, it’s a real thing and it’s somewhat of a big fetish.

5. Lesbian/Gay/Transgender

I found out only recently that this is an extremely lucrative market. I’ve only dabbled on writing a bit of lesbian erotica, but I found it to not feel enjoyable. Perhaps that’s why this market is so unsaturated because people feel uncomfortable writing about it. There have been a lot of successful authors in this category, so if you have the spine to write in this niche, I highly recommend you try.

6. Swinging/Cuckold

This niche is pretty popular as well and has been around for ages. People often buy erotica to fulfill a sexual fantasy. And which one of you girls have never dreamed of having more than one penis inside your body at once?

Final Thoughts

I just want to clarify that there are many smaller niches that people write about and still make money in. I saw a thread on an online forum the other day about an author who only writes vampire/werewolf erotica and she’s doing very well for herself. Another author specialized in writing gay tentacle monster porn.

My advice is to find something that you enjoy writing about. The quality of your words will improve and you’ll retain your audience longer. What you want to do is look up the top 100 erotica writers and start going down the list, finding a niche that you believe you’ll enjoy writing about.

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