I have no experience writing. Can I still write Erotica?


The answer is a definite yes!

I just want to say for the record that you don’t need any special writing skills to start writing erotica. The self-publishing market is a lot different than the mainstream market. In erotica, most readers are more interested in a “quick fix” rather than an interesting plot line. They don’t expect to be reading something that’s too serious or have perfect grammar. As long as you have a story that’s somewhat understandable, you will do just fine.

I got started writing erotica several years ago when I accidentally stumbled upon some fan fiction that was tailored towards adults. I thought to myself, “Hey this is crap! I bet I could write something that’s much more decent!”

Believe me when I say that the bar is set really low for erotica. Readers do not expect to be reading the next greatest G.R.R. Martin novel. All they want is steamy hot sex, and lots of it. Give them what they want, and they’ll be content. You don’t have to develop the characters or think of interesting twists to end the story.

It’s also important to note that writing erotica doesn’t take much skills other than to have a good decent story. If you’re choosing to publish your work on Amazon or Smashwords, you don’t have to worry about marketing. Most people who buy erotica do so out of pure impulse. They are feeling curious, interested, or horny, and then click that buy now button at the store.

One thing I have to note is that you should have a decent book cover. As much as we want to tell ourselves to never judge a book by it’s cover, the opposite is true with erotica. People want to see that hunk of a man or barely clothed woman on the front of the book. Spend that extra hour making your cover look good, and people won’t care how crappy the inside looks.

Reviews are another great thing about erotica. Or should I say, lack of reviews. People rarely leave any reviews on erotica. This is because they generally don’t last very long or that people have such low expectations for it. Even if someone does leave a bad review for you, people don’t really care and will still buy your work. That being said, I have yet to receive a bad review on my stories so far.


Final thoughts:

Writing erotica doesn’t take much of a skill set. You don’t have to be a New York Time’s best selling author or have a college degree to write smut. Now that doesn’t mean you should write low quality work just to quickly put it on the store (although, I daresay this is the business model of many authors I’ve encountered with). You should be writing and trying to improve on your writing as you continue down your erotica path.

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