Making Money From Erotica Diary #1 – July 2018

How To Make Money From Erotica July 2018

Greetings readers!

Profits for last month has been rather lucrative toward the end of the month. It’s odd because summer is considered the “summer slump” by writers, and yet here I am making more money than usual.

The start of the month has been pretty awful, to say the least. I stopped writing for a while, mostly because of the dreaded writer’s block. Suffice to say, my profits have been decent in the first two weeks of June. I hope my profits continue to flourish through the early parts of July. I’d love to see a $2,000 month so that I know I’ll at least be making enough money to move out of my parents’ home.

July 4th is approaching and I don’t have any plans. My Dad wants to have a barbecue but I don’t want to face my uncles and aunts. They always pester me about my life and compare me to my more successful siblings. To be honest, I haven’t told a single soul about my writing and I’m too ashamed too. It’s not easy to tell your conservative family about writing word porn for a living.

Anyway, here are my profits for July:

how to make money on erotica 2018

Not too shabby, considering I did so horribly during the early parts of the month. If I consistently write, I know I’ll be able to acquire $2,000 easily. That’s my new goal for June, and hopefully, I’ll be able to make it. I know it’s still not enough money to move out of my parents’ home, but it’s enough to spoil myself for a bit.

Hope you like this blog post readers. I might make it a tradition to keep writing these monthly diary posts if the interest is there. To be honest, I don’t want to show the amount of money I’m making because it’s quite embarrassing.

Thanks for reading as always.

3 thoughts on “Making Money From Erotica Diary #1 – July 2018

    1. Thanks for your kind words. At the moment, I currently would rather stay anonymous and not reveal my Amazon author page. Maybe someday, I’ll be confident enough to reveal myself!


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